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"I contacted Seth through the internet to purchase my new home. I lived in western New York and purchased a house in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We did all but closing through email and phone. Seth was extremely helpful and responsive--he showed my Mother and Sister several houses before we got this one. I had not seen the house nor met Seth in person until the day before closing. Seth made my purchase very easy and quick." -Kay Mortensen


"Seth Roth has more knowledge than half the realtors I know. I've been to 3 realtors! I brought pictures of houses I was interested in, And he researched them for me, and helped me out! I trust Seth's opinion over the realtors I have now."


"We are just getting started with Seth. He has listed a home for us but it has not sold yet. We have been very pleased with the service Seth has provided so far and look forward to working with him as he continues to try and sell our property."


"Very Helpful relater, If we had any questions or problems he would always take care of it for us. He would also be calling us keeping us up to date with everything that was going on. My wife and I would Highly recommend Seth."


"Seth was quick in getting the property on the local MLS and on other national websites. He knows how to market on the internet much better than other real estate agents I've used. I've enjoyed his friendship and interest in getting our property sold."


"...Very professional, great advice, he took his time with us. and he never tried to push a house on us. He keeps in mind your price range and what you are looking for and only show you what fits your wants. no endless running around looking at homes you aren't looking for. And he is still helping us find a house. Thank you, Seth."